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FlashMedia Server 3.5.3 ist verfügbar

Ich erlaube mir mal, den Text vom Blog von Kevin Towes (Product Manager, Adobe Flash Media Server, http://blogs.adobe.com/ktowes/) direkt hier wiederzugeben:

Today we released our 3rd service pack for Flash Media Server 3.5 (now v3.5.3). This service pack includes many bug fixes and performance improvements for DVR, Dynamic Streaming and playback. The release also includes security fixes to correct critical vulnerabilities in previous versions.

You can download the update and review the release notes here:

This version of Flash Media Server includes significant fixes for DVR that will make it easier to deploy in large scale networks, and includes support for SWFVerification within the C++ plug-ins. We also addressed issues that caused performance issues when streaming live content and when heavy updates of shared objects occurred. We also addressed issues when trying to use Dynamic Streaming (multibitrate) with a DVR-enabled live stream.

The FLVCheck tool was also updated in this release to detect more errors with corrupt MPEG4 files including unrecognized box versions, no sync sample box and invalid segments.

Flash Media Server 3.5.3 has full support for the smart buffer management controls introduced in Adobe Flash player 10.1. These controls include support for seeking within the buffer, stepping through a video, slow and fast playback in the buffer as well as reestablishing a connection without interrupting the stream. You can find more details about the buffer enhancements in the Flash Player 10.1 ActionScript 3 API documentation now available on Adobe Labs. You can review the buffer management updates in Flash player 10.1 here.

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